Binusu Crypto Giveaway:

Binusu Crypto Giveaway

Rewards and Prizes

Here is How It Works

Terms & Conditions

  • Each user can enter the Crypto giveaway campaign during the promotion period, to claim Crypto of up to $1,000 and other prizes like swag. Those who qualify will be credited via their wallet after confirmation by a Binusu Agent.
  • Winners will also be selected twice a week and will be announced via our different social media platforms and will also be contacted by a Binusu agent on the provided numbers.
  • Users are, under no circumstances, permitted to create or use cheats, mods and/or hacks, or any other third-party software products that may change the result of the Binusu crypto giveaway;
  • Binusu reserves the right to disqualify any participants showing any signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.
  • Binusu reserves the right to cancel any prize(s) if it determines in its sole and absolute discretion, that such user or winner has breached any applicable terms and conditions.



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