Buy cryptocurrencies in three simple steps using Binusu.

Choose the exchange

We have several crypto exchanges both local and international that operate in Uganda. My favourite is Binusu given the simplicity and personal experience you receive from the friendly agents they have. Binusu is an OTC platform that enables you to buy and sell BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, Celo, and Cusd with mobile money or bank transfer. You can choose here from the many available exchanges to buy your first crypto. Always Remember to use links from certified websites to avoid scams and phishing websites

Register and do KYC

Register on the exchange and do KYC (know Your Customer). This helps the exchange be able to identify you with your account to avoid bots and scams and as a way of controlling money laundering. This process will involve taking photos of your national i.d and a selfie while holding your i.d, this may vary from exchange to exchange

Deposit fiat & buy crypto

The most common payment methods are mobile money and bank transfer. With mobile money, the transfer can be instantaneous, but can sometimes take up to 15minutes to confirm.

Otherwise, once the money hits your account you are free to trade crypto.

Extra step:

It is advisable to keep your crypto off a centralized exchange. This is because when you have your crypto in a personal wallet, you have full custody of your assets. If you don’t plan on trading with your crypto assets, you can transfer them to a personal wallet. Take a pick here.

How to buy crypto on binusu

Sign in to your account at to complete your transaction. If you are new to the Binusu exchange, follow the instructions below to sign up and process your transaction.

· Enter and click on login then register to create your account.

· Enter your names and national ID number and click next.

· Enter your email address, valid phone number and click enter to enter your password. Click register to complete your sign-up. Our team will verify your account in about 10 minutes or less and you can now place your orders.

· Enter the amount in UGX or Crypto you would like to exchange and instantly see the equivalent value you will receive. Click on exchange to confirm your order. An agent from Binusu will contact you to process the transaction.

For more inquires, contact our sales team on or call +25670330943/+256705972117

Please join our telegram channel for more updates and communications.

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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in uganda at follow us on twitter, facebook and telegram

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Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in uganda at follow us on twitter, facebook and telegram

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