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Binusu Exchange
2 min readFeb 9, 2021

Bringing crypto services closer to you.

Binusu, the first and best crypto exchange in Uganda, brings to you an opportunity to be apart of the blockchain movement by helping you buy and sell cryptocurrencies for Uganda shillings and your local currency using cash, mobile money, or bank transfer.

Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, CELO, and cUSD (cUSD rewards)for cash conveniently and securely with people you can rely on to serve you all through the week and into the late night.

Binusu operates 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Sunday all year round. These flexible hours exist to serve you better when you need us.

Do you need to pay for an uber, clear that bill at the counter, pay that medical bill, pay your boda guy or get yourself a Rolex? Head to and sell some of that crypto for cash and we will process your transaction in the shortest time possible, usually between 5 to 30minutes, depending on the network.

You want to exchange some of your Uganda shillings for some crypto, either to hold or to trade, Binusu is the place to go.

Sign in to your account at to complete your transaction. If you are new to the Binusu exchange, follow the instructions below to sign up and process your transaction.

· Enter and click on login then register to create your account.

· Enter your names and national ID number and click next.

· Enter your email address, valid phone number and click enter to enter your password. Click register to complete your sign up. Our team will verify your account in about 10 minutes or less and you can now place your orders.

· Enter the amount in UGX or Crypto you would like to exchange and instantly see the equivalent value you will receive. Click on exchange to confirm your order.

For more inquires, contact our sales team on or call +25670330943

Please join our telegram channel for more updates and communications.

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Binusu Exchange

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