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2 min readOct 8, 2022

In August 2022, we embarked on a pre-launch of the Future of Finance in Africa through our Binusu platform. We would like to heartily appreciate each one that participated in the Binusu pre-launch campaign.

For those that won different prizes that we gave away in the campaign period, congratulations. Keep being active on Binusu and invite your friends, the friends of your friends, and your families; there is more value waiting for you with Binusu.

In a period of two months, we registered over 25,000 people. We rewarded thousands of winners with our swag t-shirts and hundreds of dollars each.

We are pleased and aspire to offer you even more as you transact and interact with our platform. We wouldn’t have done this without you.

Here is some exciting news; now that we have concluded the prelaunch campaign, we are happy to inform you that everyone that was able to complete KYC successfully will have the privilege of enjoying zero-fee trading on our platform during our promo period. It is not too late for you to complete your profile, you will enjoy the same, and so many interesting early access offers. Head to and complete your registration and KYC.

We are building the Future of Finance in Africa together with you. We are doing this for you, your children, and future generations; this undertaking is bigger than us all and will go on after our time. Let us shape history together. We want to provide an easier, safer, and more trusted ecosystem where you can save, invest, trade, lend, borrow, make payments and enact remittances in one place.

At, you can buy and sell crypto currencies directly with your local currency. You can use mobile money or bank transfer using our OTC platform.
You can also buy and sell crypto assets using our state-of-the-art and secure P2P Platform that allows you the flexibility of choosing who to trade with, at what rate, and with your preferred payment option.

As we roll out the different products and services binusu has to offer, you can make all your financial decisions in one place; This is true democracy for your economic well-being.

It is the freedom that is affordable and available. Binusu is here to liberate your financial aspects. Together, let us Build the Future of Finance in Africa.

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