The Purpose Behind Binusu

Why did we start Binusu? What is our purpose? Are you curious?

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2 min readSep 12, 2022
The future of finance in Africa (

“To build the future of finance in Africa” is the short answer. What we are actually doing is building the new financial infrastructure of Africa.

You see, finance is simply defined as the management of money. The concept of money has always been evolving. We have come from barter trade to digital currencies. The function of money in any economy is to act as a medium of exchange, a unit of value and a store of the same. Finance is either personal, institutional, or public/Government.

The Binusu suite is a cryptocurrency-based financial infrastructure. It is built to bring your finance into one place. It includes saving, investment, trading, lending, borrowing, payments and remittance. Binusu leverages the many benefits of Blockchain technology such as transaction efficiency, privacy, accessibility and security. These are the underlying characteristics of this breakthrough technology upon which Binusu is built.

We aspire to break the barriers of the current centralized systems. Binusu facilitates replacement of traditional financial systems that need third party actors to validate transactions. Globally, cryptocurrency is being recognized as a gamechanger in finance across board.

Binusu wants to see Africa grow Our USSD functionality will see a massive inclusion of the unbanked in the financial eco-system. The person at the last mile will also have their own money-digitally. It is only a matter of time.

The fiscal world is setting its sights on digital currencies, and these know no boundaries. Binusu has purposed itself to ensure that Africa is not left behind again.

In our next blog article, we will describe the 4 pillars upon which Binusu is building Africa’s new financial infrastructure.



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